Implementation of coherence-based-selection multi-channel wireless ANC in headphone



Active noise control (ANC) headphone is widely used to attenuate the noise around human’ s ear. The microphone mounted on the conventional ANC headphones collected the mixed reference signals when more than one noise sources are often present in the surrounding. In this case, the uncorrelated noise sources involved in the mixed reference usually deteriorate the noise reduction performance of the ANC headphones. To solve this problem, wireless microphones are proposed to install close to each potential noise source in the environment.  The microphones pick up the clean reference signals and transmit them to the ANC controller embedded in the headphones with time-advance wirelessly. Every reference signal selected by a coherence-based-selection algorithm is provided individual control filter in each ear. Each control filter updated by using a single clean reference offers better noise reduction performance for ANC headphones. Furthermore, numerical simulations and real-time experiment results in this paper demonstrate the improvement of the proposed method compared with conventional ANC headphones.