How well does Spain manage occupational noise and vibration risks?



From the analysis of Spanish national statistics on occupational diseases notification during the period 2009 – 2018, a prospective study on the level of compliance with the national implementation of both European Union directives 2003/10/CE and 2002/44/CE respectively, is undertaken. Research is developed by Occupational Health and Safety National Institute in liaison with Spanish autonomous regional governments. Questionnaires were designed by technical personal from the national Institute in order to collect relevant information. These questionnaires were fulfilled in situ by specialized and qualified civil servants from several autonomous regions. Up to 566 companies take part of the study from different economical activities, in which outstanding noise and/or vibration risk is present. The study conclude in relation to preventive management of noise that, both there are serious deficiencies in the characterization of the exposure, and it also entails a very low effectiveness in reducing risk. As far as vibration risk management is concerned, a deficient specific legal regulatory implementation is found. As a result, of such conclusions, an action plan is being designed to improve working conditions by means of assuring the compliance with legislation.