GAZEX avalanche control system noise & vibration study



Bollard Acoustical Consultants, Inc. was retained by the Placer County Planning Dept. to quantify noise and vibration levels resulting from the Gazex avalanche control system usage during the winter of 2018-2019.  The primary objective of the monitoring program was to obtain a statistically representative sample of noise and vibration data during Gazex usage for comparison against criteria for potential damage to structures and human hearing.  During the survey period, 75 discrete discharges of Gazex cannons occurred.  Each discharge was monitored at five fixed monitoring sites in the Alpine Meadows residential community.  At the completion of the survey, 1,079 of the possible 1,125 possible data points of interest had successfully been captured.  The results of the surveys indicated that, although noise and vibration levels generated by the Gazex system were elevated to the point of being considered highly annoying to local residents, criteria for damage to hearing and structures were not exceeded during the survey period.