Field Measurements of Demountable Partitions



Flexibility of enclosed office walls is important to technology companies.  In healthcare, prefab walls have advantages from a cost and efficiency standpoint.  Demountable office walls allow facilities to rearrange spaces to accommodate changing team sizes, types and locations.  Prefab walls save construction time and allow for maintenance efficiency and cost.  A decade of noise reduction measurements of several manufacturers’ demountable and pre-fab walls is presented.  Early issues that reduced the in-field performance have largely been improved but some issues remain and are common amongst all manufacturers.  The most notable is the connection between the wall and the acoustic tile ceiling.  Highest performing demountable walls from a decade ago tested to the high 20’s or low 30’s NIC. Recent test showed results between mid 30’s and high 30’s. Pre-fab wall testing between patient rooms demonstrated that the FGI separation criteria can be met with partial and no bulkhead closure above the ceiling