Field measurement of the window sound insulation index and the average reverberation time / absorption of one building room by road traffic noise penetrating one closed window-Part I: Principle



The facade insulation (FI) is one choice for Road traffic noise (RTN) at a high-rise accommodation building nearby a motor road. The weakness of FI is from window, so the window insulation (WI) is also a prioritized descriptor. ISO16283-3 states a field method to measure FI using RTN. However, in room acoustics, besides FI, reverberation time (RBT) or indoor average sound absorption (IASB) are another two un-ignorable descriptors. When the value of IASB is small, the indoor noise is not only contributed from penetrating façade RTN, but also supplemented by the residual sound from high reverberation field, weakening FI. As a parallel to ISO16283-3, this paper suggests an engineering method to measure RBT and IASB of one high-rise building room close to a motor road by penetrating façade RTN. It can supply a convenient tool for the field measurement of RBT and IASB with RTN. At the end, we made a field measurement of RBT, IASB, and WI at a hotel room nearby a viaduct in Hangzhou of China, assistant to adjust RBT or IASB and WI so as to improve the sound quality of the hotel. Further, the method can extend to the lines of rail, aviation, and shipping.