Ferry M/V Kramer noise mitigation



The Motor Vessel (M/V) Edward V. Kramer is an aluminum vessel that operates as a small passenger ferry, which is owned and operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and used to transport DHS personnel and materials to Plum Island, NY.  It was placed in service in 2018 and right from the start the sound levels inside the Main Deck compartment were found to be excessive.  The original vessel specification included a noise limit of 75 dBA in the Main Deck Passenger Lounge and measured levels were as high as 87 dBA.  A ship survey of sound and vibration was performed.  Noise predictions to determine the controlling sound paths was also performed based on engine sound and vibration source levels.  Recommendations for mitigation were presented and carried out by another shipyard.  Mitigation included vibration isolation of the main engines and sound attenuation improvements to the Main Deck Passenger Lounge.  After completion of the modifications, another survey was performed in 2021 and results show a reduction by as much as 11 dB in the Main Deck Passenger lounge.  Noise estimation methods and details on the noise control treatments are given in the paper.