Experimental study of smart sound absorber using multimode electromechanical coupling control in the low-frequency range



To construct a smart sound absorber in the low-frequency range with a wide control band, a piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) shunted with multiple resonance circuit is attached onto a micro-perforated panel (MPP) to perform as a smart sound absorber. The absorption can be controlled by the shunt circuit parameters conveniently. This smart micro-perforated panel (MPP) is investigated experimentally to explore the feasibility and design procedure in practical use. Based on the coupling among the acoustical, electrical, and mechanical fields, the proposed broadband sound absorber can achieve good acoustic performance on subwavelength scales. The electrical response of the shunt circuit is tested with a Network Analyzer. The acoustic performance of the smart sound absorber is measured in an impedance tube with the two-microphone transfer function method. The experimental results validate that the shunt circuit can resonate with the PZT patch at multiple frequencies, and hence improve the sound absorption of the smart absorber at these frequencies.