Experimental study of particle dampers applied to wind turbine blades to reduce low-frequency sound emission



Sound emission from an onshore wind turbine is one of the significant hurdles to use wind energy to its full potential. The vibration caused by the generator is transmitted to the blades, which radiates the sound to the surrounding. The purpose of this experimental study is to present a passive vibration reduction concept, which is based on the high damping properties of granular materials. The efficiency of this concept will be investigated using a laser scanning vibrometer device. For the experimental purpose in the laboratory, small-scale replicas inspired by the original configurations are used as reference geometries for the wind turbine generator and the blades. Vibrations of the prototype, with and without granular material filling, will be determined and compared with each other. The influence of the amount of granular material inside the structure is also investigated. Apart from this, different types of granular filling are examined with respect to their efficiency in reducing the amplitude of vibration of the structure while being as light as possible in order to design a lightweight solution, which increases the overall mass of the wind turbine marginally.