Experimental assessment of the noise characteristics of propellers for commercial drones



Multi-copters or drones are engaged in a wide range of industrial applications for their flexibility, safety and low-cost. The noise emission is becoming an issue with the expanding applications, among which the propellers that drive the drones are the major sources of noise. In this work, the noise characteristics of small-scale propellers is experimentally investigated using the advanced rotor aerodynamics and aeroacoustics test platform in an anechoic chamber at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The study will focus on the representative off-the-shelf propellers. The rotor noise will be measured by a linear array with 20 microphones, and the
aerodynamic forces will be acquired by using the high-accuracy load cells. The dependence of both the tonal and broadband noise radiation with the thrust and rotation speed at various conditions will be tested. The study will enhance our understanding of the noise features of the multi-rotor powered drones, and will provide us with a better understanding of the status of the drone noise impact on the environment.