Estimation and experimental test of the sound-absorption coefficient of a pin-holder structure (Case of sound waves incidence upon the side surfaces of a group of cylinders)



In this study, we conducted theoretical analyses and experiments related to the acoustic characteristics of the situation where sound waves are incident upon the side surfaces of a group of cylinders forming a pin-holder structure. The sound-absorption coefficient, entering its clearance between cylinders through the geometrical dimension of the clearance or the physical property of gas, was calculated. In the analytical model, the gap part of the pin-holder structure was divided into elements and approximated as a gap surrounded by two parallel planes. The characteristic impedance and propagation constant of the approximate gap were obtained and treated as one-dimensional transfer matrices; the sound-absorption coefficient was then calculated using the transfer-matrix method. The calculated value was compared to that obtained in an experiment with a sample prepared using a 3D printer; the sound-absorption coefficient was measured using a 2-microphone impedance-measuring tube. We attempted to make a simple yet accurate estimation of sound-absorption coefficient using these procedures. Our theoretical values displayed a similar tendency to that obtained by experiment.