Effects of the reduction of aircraft noise emission due to the travel restriction during the COVID-19 pandemic at residential areas around Tan Son Nhat Airport



The travel restrictions caused by the epidemic outbreak in early 2020 worldwide have caused many changes in all aspects of life, especially in the acoustic environment. This study examines the impact of this environmental change at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TSN), the largest airport in Vietnam, by comparing the situations before and after the airport stopped operating all international flights in March 2020. The after-the-change survey was conducted in 2 phases, June and September 2020, three months and six months after the stop decision. The number of flights observed in August 2019 was 728; this number is 413 and 299 for the two surveys in 2020. The range of noise levels estimated for 12 sites around TSN decreased from 63-81 dB in 2019 to 32-67 dB in June 2020 and 33-69 dB in September 2020. At the same aircraft noise level, the percentage of highly annoyed (% HA) and the percentage of insomnia (%ISM) in the 2020 survey are higher than those in the 2019 survey. The comparison results of reaction to noise before and after the TSN’s noise change indicated an increase in negative responses to noise might happen in the increased noise and reduced noise situation.