Effects of moisturized inflow on compressor performance and aerodynamic noise



The effects of moisturized inflow on turbocharger compressor performance and aerodynamic noise were numerical analyzed in this paper. The gas-liquid two-phase flow method based on Euler-Lagrange model was firstly introduced. The influence of water concentration and water droplet diameter on compressor performance and internal flow characteristics at design speed were studied using the two-phase flow method. The compressor aerodynamic noise was also predicted at design condition under two different inflow conditions, including ideal inflow and moisturized inflow with 0.1% water concentration. The results indicate that moisturized inflow with an appropriate water concentration can reduce the outlet temperature of the compressor and improve the compressor performance, in which the water concentration is a dominant parameter. There is a phase transition process of water in the compressor with moisturized inflow, but moisturized inflow has little effects on the compressor internal flow characteristics. Moreover, the moisturized inflow also has influence on compressor aerodynamic noise.