Effect of different types of ceilings on floor impact sound insulation performance in CLT model building



The floor impact noise generated in a building often causes problems among residents. The floor impact sound insulation performance of timber construction buildings is lower than that of concrete construction. However, due to the large supply of wood and the stress-relieving effects of wood, the use of wood is being promoted around the world. In Japan, the Act on the Promotion of the Utilization of Wood in Public Buildings was enforced to promote the use of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) for the effective use of wood. We have been experimentally investigating the effect of floor finish structure in CLT model building. In this paper, we report the measurement results of the change in floor impact sound insulation performance when the suspended ceiling structure was changed. As results, it was confirmed that the effect of the sound-absorbing material in the ceiling cavity and the effect of the double-layer ceiling board were effective. In addition, it was clarified that the dry-type double floor structure with rubber vibration insulator on its legs is an effective floor finish structure for improvement of heavy and light weight floor impact sound insulation performances.