Directivity of sound propagation from an commercial supersonic engine inlet



The effects of mean flow variations on sound propagation from an axisymmetric commercial supersonic engine inlet were studied using numerical methods. A finite element model of the inlet was constructed in Ansys Fluent and used to solve for flow fields given by different initial conditions. Results from this model were fed into the aeroacoustic solver, Actran, and used to calculate far field radiated noise as well as the directivity of that noise. The acoustic source of this noise was a plane wave of a known strength placed at the fan face. In addition to assessing the effects of mean flow on the radiated noise transfer functions, the duct modes of the model were compared across different flow regimes. Relationships between mean flow parameters and the directivity of duct modes are developed.  The results of this study will be used in further studies to gain a deeper understanding of how the underlying physics which govern the system create favorable or unfavorable directivity patterns.