Development of a virtual biomechanical manikin used in vibrations studies in occupied spaces



In this paper is developed and applied a virtual biomechanical manikin used in occupied spaces. This multi-nodal numerical model is applied in the vibrations of the different sections of the human body, under transient conditions. The integration of second order equations systems, based in Newton equation, after being converted in a first order equation system, is solved through the Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg method with error control.

This multi-nodal numerical model will be used, in this work, in the study of the vibrations that a standing person is subjected when stimuli are applied to the feet. The influence of various types of stimuli is analyzed, with periodic irregularities, in the dynamic response of the vibrations in different sections of the human body. The signals of the stimuli, the displacement of some sections of the body and the power spectrum of the same signals will be presented. In the study the influence of the floor vibration in the human body sections is analyzed and presented.