Development of a Unique Experimental System Investigating Vibroacoustic Characteristic of Geared Transmission Systems



Gearboxes are widely using in industry, especially in automotive transmission systems. In actual technology level, different component-based quality control methods are applied for the quality control of powertrains but test systems, designed for assembled products, are based on subjective evaluations and scalar measurement of total sound pressure. These systems, especially operating in industrial conditions where background noise is effective, cannot meet the technical requirements. In this paper, the development of a unique experimental platform, capable of testing the powertrain under real operating conditions (torque, rotational speeds), and the experimental results are explained.

In the system where transmission error, noise and vibration measurements are carried out, defective samples were determined according to statistical evaluations and errors were classified. In future studies, using the ability to calculate mechanical efficiency based on measurements, the correlation between deviations in mechanical efficiency and transmission error will be examined.