Designing a tuned-shunt electrodynamic metamaterial in the presence of uncertainties



Resonant structural vibrations are a common source of disruptive noise, and suppressing these vibrations is often the most direct way to reduce the noise levels. Elastic metamaterials (EMMs) consist of distributed resonant substructures, at a scale which is small compared to the wavelength of vibration. This allows these materials to be used in applications where space is limited, and more traditional vibration suppression techniques would be impractical. Tuned resonators can be designed through selection of geometry or material properties, but an alternative approach, which requires significantly less prototyping, is through the use of shunted electrodynamic inertial actuators. In this paper, a novel electrodynamic metamaterial (EDMM) is proposed consisting of an array of mass-produced inertial actuators, each connected to a tuned shunt impedance. It is considered impractical to measure the dynamic and electrical parameters of a large number of actuators, and so the effect of uncertainties in the actuators is investigated on both the performance and the stability of the EDMM.