Design, development, testing and application of digital MEMS pressure sensor array for full-scale vibroacoustic measurements



This manuscript addresses design, development, and application of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) based digital pressure sensor array for vibroacoustic measurements. These vibroacoustic measurements were conducted on a A320 type single aisle aircraft demonstrator subjected to broadband as well as tonal excitations. Cabin noise levels were measured with both condenser microphones as well as digital MEMS pressure sensor array. The measured cabin noise shows strong qualitative as well as quantitative agreement between both type of measurement devises for full scale cabin noise measurements inside an aircraft demonstrator. The observed strong agreement is valid for both single wall (fuselage with thermal insulation) and double wall (fuselage with thermal insulation and trim panel) cabin noise measurements. Such strong agreement within 1.0 dB tolerance is significantly motivating for further development of reliable but low-cost MEMS based measurement devises and corresponding efficient data post-processing algorithms for full scale vibroacoustic measurements in general. Additionally, it is also demonstrated that the large number of MEMS based digital pressure sensors can be used in areas where the physical space constraints are high. This demonstration shows strong potential to derive additional vibroacoustic indicator for the development and the testing of future noise control solutions in a non-traditional way.