Design and performance exploration of a cymbal piezoelectric energy harvester under the excitation of power transformer vibration



With the rapid application of internet of things technology and wireless sensor in transformer station, the demand for stable and reliable power source becoming increasingly stronger. Power transformer operates with high energy density vibration, which provides a suitable energy source for health monitoring sensors. A cymbal piezoelectric transducer is designed to harvest the energy of vibration?which is made of cymbal end cap and piezoelectric ceramic to convert mechanical energy to electricity. Also, the power circuit is designed to realize the transmission and storage of electric energy. Then, the performance of the cymbal piezoelectric energy harvester is explored by FEM and experiment. The influence of mechanical vibration characteristics on the charging power of piezoelectric transducer is studied, including amplitude, frequency and preload. The experimental results show that the cymbal piezoelectric energy harvester can provides stable and reliable power, which allows the possibility of large-scale application of wireless sensor in transformer station. The present work provides a new design concept for developing the novel cymbal harvesters used in large-sized vibratory equipment, such as power transformer, to harvest vibration energy.