Construction Noise Management in Hong Kong – Now and Beyond



Hong Kong is a mature and busy metropolis with 7.5 million residents. Being constrained by limited land area for development, the cityscape of Hong Kong is primarily 3-dimensional in nature. The vast majority of the growing population is accommodated in closely packed high-rise residential towers. Similar to other major urban centres worldwide, Hong Kong citizens are affected by the virtually continuous construction activities expanding and renewing the city. The numerous construction sites are also bringing noise disturbance to some neighbourhoods. In 2020, the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department completed a feasibility study on managing construction noise, including those associated with renovation of domestic premises. Part of the study was the conducting of face-to-face interviews of more than 5,000 households via a large scale public survey to gauge their views on construction noise disturbance, among others. This paper describes the current state and conditions of construction noise in Hong Kong, the issues and constraints, as well as challenges and opportunities. Highlights from the scientifically conducted public survey will be included to provide a robust and more comprehensive description of the prevailing situation.