Concert hall: acoustic design comparing analytical results and ray tracing



With the intention of designing architecture for music and inspired by music, the J.C. Martins Concert Hall was created with 1008 seats and an approximate volume of 49400 ft³. Among all the architectural aspects considered, such as strategic location analyzed from the mass plan, study of volumetries, acoustics is the highlight due to its importance and complexity of the project. The Concert Hall is the object of the present study, the purpose of the article is to compare the simulated results in the EASE software with the analytical results of the reverberation time calculated by the Sabine and Eyering equations for the Concert Hall. Acoustic parameters such as reverberation time, clarity, among others, were simulated to verify the acoustic quality of the room in question. With that, it was possible to analyze and discuss the limitations of the analytical method and the simulations. Even so, the results were satisfactory to reach the adequated indexes of the acoustic parameters.