Brazilian BIM Objects Technical Standard: a first approach on Acoustics parameters



The Building Information Modeling (BIM) has increased worldwide as a new approach on the building design, construction, and facilities management. Given this panorama, the Brazilian Government enforced a regulation in 2019, Decreto 9983, which outlines a roadmap for the BIM implementation in the Brazilian construction ecosystem. As one of its guidelines is to publish the necessary technical standards, a special committee, ABNT CEE 134, was hosted at the Brazilian organization for Technical Standardization with a dedicated WG for establishing BIM objects parameters. In the framework of the WG, a subgroup on Acoustics analysis aimed to deal on how to incorporate acoustic requirements to the BIM Object. In this paper, the authors describe the development of this feature, unprecedented so far. The approach adopted for incorporating acoustic requirements into BIM objects at the Brazilian BIM Standard aimed to facilitate the workflow of acoustic consulting, while adapting it to the limitations imposed by the existing software and the construction market culture in Brazil. This paper also provides some guidelines on how this issue could be addressed in future standards revisions.