Basic study on the methods of noise countermeasures for safeguard-ing intangible cultural properties such as Japanese festivals



In the Ogino area of ??Atsugi City, where the Kanagawa Institute of Technology is located, Japanese drums are being practiced and the arts are inherited in order to perform at events such as Japanese festivals. It may be reported. Therefore, in Atsugi City, when the main purpose is to practice Japanese drums, the practice place is restricted, such as not being able to obtain permission to use the facilities of the city. In order to solve such a problem, we performed acoustic measurement of Japanese drums and clarified their acoustic characteristics. It was confirmed that the sound near the drum due to the repellent impact of the Nagado daiko has a lot of energy even in the low frequency component of 200 Hz or less, and the magnitude of the radiated sound SEL increases as the sound is hit harder. It is also difficult for local governments to take physical noise countermeasures for membranophones from a cost perspective. Therefore, the ultimate goal of this research was to obtain a solution to the noise problem by social measures to continue the succession activities of traditional musical instruments such as Japanese drums, which are difficult to take measures against physical noise. Launched and operated a website to understand the current state of noise complaints and to collect the voices of local residents regarding the sound of drums according to the lifestyle and situation of each individual as part of the Noise Compatibility Planning attempt. We built the system.