Auditory training system for improvement of auditory perception ability in blind soccer.



Blind soccer is a sport designed for people with visual impairment. All players (except the goalkeepers) are people with visual impairment but not limited to complete vision loss (i.e. without any ability to see; blind in both eyes) . Considering the various degrees of the disability, all players put on an eye mask for a complete vision blockage so they just rely on their audio sensation for the location of the ball and the goals to drift, shoot, and defend as a game with a high degree of movement. Different from conventional soccer games, the ball makes a sound in which the callers at the back of the shooting goal provide audio guidance in order to make the game highly dependent on audio information. However, the ability to recognize and locate rely solely on training and personal experience of individual players that essential audio information of the game has never been analyzed in a scientific manner and theories about distance positioning is especially inadequate. Hence, this study aims to utilize the audio sensation for better game performance. First, we focus on the distance attenuation feature when the ball spins, which is followed by a description about an audio training system for distance positioning from sounds.