Assessing traffic noise in teh City of Sharjah using prediction models



Noise originated from traffic on inner-city roads has been recognized as a major issue that has negative effects that go beyond annoyance and adverse health effects on people living near such roads. In this paper, we report the results of employing mathematical models for assessing traffic noise levels near roads in the City of Sharjah, UAE. Our field measurements indicated high noise levels near inter-city roads including roads in residential areas. To further investigate this, measured noise levels arising from principle traffic noise parameters were re-examined using published mathematical models with the objective of validating the acoustic noise levels generated by traffic noise of mixed composition, traffic flow rate and distance from the source. The main sound levels, namely the statistical equivalent sound levels (Leq): L10, L50 and L90 were used in the mathematical predictive models, to calculate the day time sound levels and correlated it with in situ measurements. We have examined 10 linear regression models, reported in the literature, five of which were found to provide strong correlation and were validated for predicting noise arising from traffic. The models are recommended for calculating mixed traffic noise levels and its effects on people living near these inter-city roads.