An adjustable bearing seat stiffness element for targeted vibration influencing



In order to be able to influence the dynamic system behavior in a targeted manner, parameters such as stiffness in the technical system must be adjustable. In high-speed powertrains, the stiffness of the bearing seat, in particular, has an influence on the dynamic characteristics. As part of our research, we developed an adjustable bearing seat stiffness element. The focus of research was on an adjustable, scalable element with a small design space and the same properties over the perimeter. We characterized it statically with the help of a universal testing machine and dynamically using a shaker system. The results are compared with theoretical approaches. The results show that the stiffness is almost linearly adjustable in the load range of 0-100N. The results indicate that the developed element can be used to adjust desired stiffness and thus to influence vibrations in a targeted manner. The findings can be used in the design of high-speed powertrains e.g. in serial products or test benches.