Adjustable sound insulation frequency band through the combination of membrane-type acoustic metamaterial array



Membrane-type acoustic metamaterials are thin films or plates composed of periodic units with small additional mass. A large number of studies have shown that these metamaterials exhibit tunable anti-resonance, and their transmission loss values are much higher than the corresponding quality laws. At present, most researches on membrane-type acoustic metamaterials focus on the unit cell, and the sound insulation frequency band can only be adjusted by adjusting the structural parameters and material parameters. In this paper, two kinds of acoustic metamaterials with different structures are designed, which are the center placement of the mass and the eccentric placement of the mass.The two structures have different sound insulation characteristics. By designing different array combinations of acoustic metamaterials, the sound insulation peaks of different frequency bands are obtained. This paper studies the corresponding combination law, and effectively realizes the adjustable sound insulation frequency band.