Acoustic study in a main avenue and its effects in classrooms and offices of a university in Mexico City



This study presents the results of a detailed acoustic investigation, systematized and with adequate equipment to the current regulations, carried out in an avenue of intense vehicular traffic located in front of a recently built architectural complex, based on concrete, aluminum, glass, and other materials, called the Postgraduate Unit, belonging to the National Autonomous University of Mexico. These measurements show that, in the initial design of the buildings, the most current knowledge about exterior-interior sound insulation through their facades was not considered. The data collected and the interviews conducted reveal that the Sound Pressure Levels rise, altering the Interior Acoustic Comfort, necessary for the performance of daily academic, administrative and research activities, resulting in permanent inconveniences for users, in addition to the saturation of areas, lack of adequate spaces and excessive unscheduled expenses. Paradoxically, empty spaces are observed in areas with high Sound Pressure Levels, which means that there is a certain level of architectural failure.