Design of a metamaterial-based muffler for a target frequency range


Additional Speakers:

Jin woo lee


This work proposes an acoustic metamaterial-based muffler that effectively blocks a transmission noise for a target frequency range. Since the acoustic metamaterial-based muffler consists of arrayed unit cells, its noise attenuation performance is strongly affected by the internal layout of the unit cell. The wave transmission characteristics of an acoustic metamaterial is explained by the effective bulk modulus and dispersion curve of an unit cell. Therefore, the internal layout of the unit cell should be optimally designed so that its band gap should include the target frequency range of a muffler. To the end, an acoustical size optimization problem is formulated to design a unit cell of the muffler and is solved for a given design requirement. The noise blocking frequency range of the unit cell is characterized by the bandgap in its dispersion curve during the optimization process. The wave transmission characteristics of the metamaterial muffler is validated experimentally.