A two-zone sound field reproduction based on the region energy control



Multizone sound field reproduction aims to create different acoustical environments in regions without physical isolation. For a real reproduction system, it is always expected to improve system performance and reduce measurement effort. In this paper, a two-zone sound field reproduction is investigated with a proposed region control method. Conventional multipoint method only controls sound field at limited number of measurement points. However, the proposed method tries to control the sound field energy over the whole region. Considering the system’s diverse work environment, different interpolation methods are applied in the proposed method. Simulations are conducted under free field and reverberation condition in order to deeply compare with conventional method and another harmonic domain method. Simulation results show that the proposed method achieves better performance than the conventional multipoint method in free field and reverberant environment. On the other hand, the region control method proposed in this paper is free from microphone array geometry requirement, which means the method is more convenient for the practical application.