A study on the development and application of program for planetary gear design considering planetary gear noise and efficiency



In general, gear mechanical loss is associated with the friction of the lubricating contact surface of the gear and bearing that transmit the power, and a no-load spin loss which is load independent occurs due to gear rotation and the interaction of the bearing component with the lubricating element. In order to minimize planetary gear loss, it is desirable to design by checking the efficiency at the concept design stage. However, a design technique that considers the noise and efficiency of a planetary gear set simultaneously has not been achieved so far. In this paper, a program called ‘pRMC with EHL’ to check together the efficiency and noise that affected by gear specifications has been developed. By using developed program, planetary gear sets specifications have been designed. And through the experimental evaluation, automatic transmission efficiency could be reduced by 0.3% in combination fuel consumption mode and the planetary gear vibration could be also reduced by 10 dB than former design. Through this designing verification and input parameter correlation, a new planetary gear set designing process has been come up with successfully at the concept design stage.