A dynamic shell model for diagnostics of rotating machinery under periodic excitation



In this paper, a generalized dynamic model of a shell structure has been developed and utilized for diagnostics purposes. The dynamic model is three-dimensional, includes the effects of rotary inertia and shear deformation, and can handle moving loads in radial, tangential and axial directions. The model is utilized to determine in-plane radial displacements of the shell structure under concentrated radial loads for different boundary conditions. The periodic loads are constructed using harmonics obtained through the Fourier series expansion method. The modal expansion technique is implemented for calculation of the steady state forced response of the shell structure. A simplified acoustic radiation model is also implemented in conjunction with the dynamic shell model to predict the noise radiated from a rotating circular cylindrical shell structure under different kinematic, loading and boundary conditions. Moreover, forced vibration response and acoustic radiation predicted will be employed to reveal patterns in the signals that can potentially be used for diagnostics of rotating machinery applications. The shell model is derived using a comprehensive approach and thus can be used to model prevalent engineering applications ranging from electric motors to gears and bearings.